double Xmas day

20151223_210424Preparations are in full swing now. The passports and hats have been put in a strategic place so we can’t forget. Just over a day to go to Xmas day! A day which will last for almost 2 this year for us as we will be crossing the dateline. So by the time we have almost finished the 25th of December, we’ll just start it again! How much better can it get?

5 days to go

this is where we will be going!!

this is where we will be going!!

trip confirmation

When Air NZ announced the direct flights to Buenos Aires, that was it.. we booked! Argentina, homeland of the Dutch Queen Maxima and one of my earliest passionate football memories (the Dutch losing the final in 1978).  Country known for horses, steaks and wine. But there is more, so much more. And we’re going to see it and tell you all about it!

Follow us on our adventure of Tango, Tucans, and tantalising food.


Holiday with a passion


Just one of the many perfect holiday spots in NZ – Marlborough sounds

Holiday, ah now there’s a topic I can talk about for ever.  I love everything about holidays. The planning and anticipation, the traveling, the exploring and experiencing new cultures, languages, food and habits and the feeling of having all the time in the world to enjoy every moment of it.

One of the benefits of living in Europe, especially a small country like the Netherlands is that you can travel to other cultures so easily. We used to cycle for 30 minutes across the border and have a completely different experience in supermarkets, cafes and restaurants.

From NZ it is much harder to go and explore different cultures, as the closest other countries are at least 3 hours flight away. But then with all the holiday choices you have in NZ, you don’t really want to leave anyway. It’s just about the perfect holiday destination. There are so many incredible spots to go, where you could easily spend days, or weeks, if you had the time. Beautiful beaches, white on the east coast, often black sand in the west. Beaches that could easily be voted top beach in the world, but nobody is on it as there are so many to choose from. Then there are mountains and rolling hills, active and dormant volcanoes, rivers and lakes, rain forests and other native forest with trees so old and big that historic buildings in Europe fade away by it. And that’s just on land. The water provides lots of holiday opportunities too. Some of the best diving and snorkelling spots in the world, fantastic whale and dolphin watching and don’t forget the sailing!

Combine this with the intriguing Maori culture, wonderful food and wine, markets, museums, concerts, bungy jumping and other adrenaline pumping activities, and you’ve got your holiday paradise.

The biggest downfall about holidays in NZ is that as New Zealanders you only get 20 days of annual leave a year. Definitely not enough to fulfil my passion!