Lovely Local food – do you still need convincing?

Lovely local Kaipara Oysters with home grown lemons

Lovely local Kaipara Oysters with home grown lemons

I love my local food. Wherever I go I will try and eat & drink whatever comes from the area I’m in. And why wouldn’t you? You’re going somewhere different for a reason, so why hang on to old habits and known products. Go and take the chance to immerse yourself, you may well discover your next favourite food over and over!

Local food, it’s a win-win situation don’t you think? It gives you variety as you eat only what is in season, you contribute to reducing the carbon footprint by limiting demand on long distance transport and you help the local economy by buying from your neighbours.

What a change from when I lived in the Netherlands. Food from far away was the in thing. I think this was more a sign of the times, then anything to do with the culture. Although the climate there doesn’t make it easy to be reliant on just local food.

In NZ we are very lucky with a moderate subtropical climate, so it’s fairly easy to grow anything, well on the North Island anyway! And luckily local food is quite easy to get these days as well. Farmers markets have become popular in NZ for buying and selling locally grown, caught or produced goods. Often they are very small, to match the size of our towns and population.

One of my favorite local farmers markets is in Paparoa, in the Kaipara district in the north of NZ. It’s tiny, probably has a maximum of 10 stalls of which one is live music. Any foodie would love to go there. The flounder is caught that morning, the honey produced by the bees that buzzed around our Manuka trees, and the olive oil is from the lovely couple who started the olive grove down the road just over 10 years ago. And then the local oysters.. Wow. If you like oysters, you should come and try!

Eating Local food, do you need any further convincing?