Ik pas / I’ll pass – my March no alcohol challenge


my stack of dinner drink replacements

The first month of autumn seems like the perfect month to do the challenge I’ve been wanting to do for a while. No glass of wine at dinner, no drink at work to celebrate Friday’s.. Nope, I’m passing in March and want to see if it makes a difference.

March is wedged nicely in between the beautiful summer days where beers and bbq are almost unavoidable and the colder winter evenings where woodfires and red wine beckon. I dont drink a lot but I dont think I’ve had 1 full month without alcohol since, well since I started drinking it probably. So it’s about time to give my body time to remember what it feels like!

I’ve joined the popular Dutch campaign ‘ikpas.nl’ as sharing the experience with others always makes it easier. And I’ll be blogging here to have an outlet for my cravings and surprises, for getting through another challenge.

If you’re doing this or another health challenge in March I’d love to hear from you!