Yeah right….

Humour is always one of the hardest thing to grasp when moving from one culture to another. And then even harder is trying to explain it.

Kiwis have a great sense of humour. It is subtle, very ironic. It definitely has links to English humour but has developed its own slant. It’s also undeniably different to Australian humour, which is a lot more blatant and brash. And of course in real Kiwi fashion, it’s often defusing, used to avoid conflict and calm the situation.

The Tui “yeah right” campaign that has been going for years shows off some great Kiwi humour. The campaign basically exists of billboards along the motorway that appear with short statements, that then get the full negative ironic “Yeah Right’ after it. To understand the statements you generally have to know what’s going on in the news at the time. although it can be generic too. A great recent example is

Yeah right billboard. owned by Tui breweries

Yeah right billboard. owned by Tui breweries

This appeared around the discussions on blaming the current trend to create a safer cycle environment for the traffic yams in Auckland.
Some other classics are: ” I’ll call you”, “I’ll do the dishes after the game” and ” Dad’s new husband seems nice”.

Dutch humour is impossible to explain, mostly because it depends so much on knowing the language. It does have irony and sarcasm in common with the kiwis though. And no, I am not ending this statement with “yeah right”!