Dreams of Dog’s tails

bruno happy

When Bruno is happy you know it!


Having moved to this side of the world, I have often been told to embrace the grey, to be less direct and just wait a bit longer. Which is OK. It is part of moving cultures, becoming more globalised and it’s not a bad thing to be able to slowdown.. sometimes. And I have to a certain degree.

But why say yes if you actually mean no. Why not say it’s a 10 out of 10 if you are really happy, instead of hiding your opinion because…well because of what I am actually not too sure. It seems a certain concern of not wanting to stand out, of rather blending in into average opinions then showing your own.

Wouldn’t it be great if all humans had a dog’s tail that shows what one really means? It would cut so much confusion, so many wasted meeting hours, and add so much joy to the world. I love the food, yay wag that tail! I am content and comfortable, just keep the tail half-mast.

Dogs could be Dutch. There is really no mistaking when dogs are happy or sad. The tail tells it all! Its wagging like mad or it hides between its legs. A dog cannot say ‘sure it’s fine’ and mean ‘I hate it’. And they’re so practical. When it’s a hot summers day they will lay down in the shade and save their energy, when it’s dark they sleep, when there’s food, they eat. Very black and white, very direct and very practical. Maybe that’s why I love dogs so much.