my global citizenship

I love New Zealand. It’s a beautiful, friendly, well balanced country that I’m lucky enough to live in.
Much to the shock of many kiwi’s I also still love Australia, where I spent 6 great years. The brashness, happy go lucky attitude and amazing wildlife will always attract me. And I definitely still have a soft spot for the land I grew up in, its love for the bright orange colour, individualism and open-mindedness. Some tell me I have to choose, I have to change my allegiance fully to my new home country and everything in it. Why would I do that? Why wouldn’t I and everybody else bring the best of all worlds you have lived in to your current day-to-day life wherever that may be? I agree it should be in a positive manner, not the moaning way that you often hear as well. No, I’m in a very privileged position, I can use the best bits from all my homes and bring them all together. We’re all global citizens these days, lets enjoy the choices that offers!