Auckland’s deceiving modesty

auckland fog
Auckland was covered in some dense fog this morning. Only for a little while though. Once the sun comes up, the beautiful blue sky comes out, and you can’t help but smile as Auckland is sparkling.
Auckland has become an amazing city in the last few years. It has really started to stick its head out of the fog and get the confidence to come out and stand up claiming its place in the top of the most liveable cities in the world. For long it was known as the boring hub you had to pass prior to traveling into the beautiful country of New Zealand. And within New Zealand it was worse than cursing if you mentioned you actually quite liked Auckland.

But who could not want to live in or visit a city where access to water is only ever a very short ride away. Where a park is not just a cultivated lawn, but a conservation area with 100 year old native trees, where people still say thank you to the bus drivers, where you can drink good coffee on every corner and where you can find the most wonderful food from all over the world either as a take-away or in a restaurant with views you would not even dream of being able to afford.
And Auckland is definitely not pretentious. The Auckland Art Gallery for example could easily and rightly brag about how fantastic they are. It is a beautiful light building with a vast display of national and international art. They won a worldwide architectural award last year. So in a lot of countries, you’d see and hear about something like this everywhere, every tourist would be aware that this is the place to go, and highly likely there would be decent entrance fee. Not so in Auckland, people that go there are surprised, because it is free and it is such a great, friendly place with so many unexpected things to see and do.

Don’t get deceived by the modesty though. It is just some fog covering up the smiling city beyond.