double Xmas day

20151223_210424Preparations are in full swing now. The passports and hats have been put in a strategic place so we can’t forget. Just over a day to go to Xmas day! A day which will last for almost 2 this year for us as we will be crossing the dateline. So by the time we have almost finished the 25th of December, we’ll just start it again! How much better can it get?

5 days to go

this is where we will be going!!

this is where we will be going!!

trip confirmation

When Air NZ announced the direct flights to Buenos Aires, that was it.. we booked! Argentina, homeland of the Dutch Queen Maxima and one of my earliest passionate football memories (the Dutch losing the final in 1978).  Country known for horses, steaks and wine. But there is more, so much more. And we’re going to see it and tell you all about it!

Follow us on our adventure of Tango, Tucans, and tantalising food.