Modern day Bangkok traditions


Bangkok, city of contrasts. Super sleek shiny highrises tower around age old shrines where locals dressed in business suits and traditional dress kneel side by side and pray for good fortune.

Malls full of top fashion brands and the latests electronic gadgets are surrounded by hawkers selling their traditionally cut fruit and woodfired grilled meat skewers.


The Thai-Chinese wedding surprised me. Just like Bangkok still does when you find another little tucked away temple surrounded by shiny glass windows.

The day on one hand is full of age old traditions as the chinese tea ceremony, which feels like an intimate, generations old custom.  And ka-nom-ee, where bride and groom have to eat a whole egg from a spoon but have to leave 4 perfect pieces for good health, fortune and happiness.

On the other hand there was the modern glamour of dresses, red velvet wedding cake, wine, cocktails, amazing seafood and macaroons. And photographers for formal shots and loads of selfies.

I shouldnt have been surprised. It was just like Bangkok, a perfect modern day tradition.