The best gym in the world, and other competition for Queenstown NZ


Would you not want to be spending time in this gym? Fresh air,  a view to die for, lake and mountains around you, and all free! Some great local government initiatives here.

We’re in El Calafate, named after the little Calafate berry that grows here everywhere. It’s a bit like the blue berry and has all sorts of health benefits, like protection from ageing!

1 elcalfat DSCN2598

El Calafate is situated at a cracking spot, on Lake Argentino, the biggest freshwater lake in Argentina. It’s got amazing birdlife, including flamingo’s (!), great cafe’s and restaurants and a load of activities on offer for different levels of adventure seekers. From a NZ point of view it definitely has a Queenstown feel and I would dare to say it could compete.

The real reason for this town though is the proximity to the Perito Moreno Glacier, the only glacier in the world that still grows/stays stable as opposed to retreat. Pretty amazing for sustainability researchers!
There are different ways of experiencing the glacier. Walking on the ice, taking a boat right up to it, or viewing the enourmous 5k wide, 70m high ice-wall from the very well maintained tracks of the national park. As the glacier moves 2m a day, you will be hearing the thunder and seeing the splashes on the water when the pressure forces ruptures. It is an incredible impressive site!

And when in the national park, even without the ice, its totally worth walking a bit more. The vistas of the mountains around the lake… yes Queenstown watch out!

1 elcalafat IMG_5114

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