Today is just a regular day in the Andes

Rami, our local guide warned us that today we would see less mindblowing nature and a bit more regular touristy sites. Well after the spectacular day through the Puna desert, we were not expecting an equally exciting day, so that was OK.

How wrong we were…A few impressions of our regular day

The old man apologised for the chaos is his little private museum in a tiny little village in the middle of nowhere. He had an amazing collection, including ocelot skins, armadillo skeletons, age old pottery, tools and  a mummy!

Yes Argentina has got Salt lakes too! It hadn’t rained here for a while so the salt was not as white as it could be, but it was still so impressively close to snow that one could not resist doing a “salt” angel.

And then we just hit a regular 4000m +, crossed over the Tropic of Capricorn, met with some locals in one of the highest towns in Argentina, spotted Guanacos, saw some intriguing recovered rock-art (in a museum) and witnessed the amazingly handcrafted rail bridges of the Tren a las Nubes.

And of course don’t forget “el condor pasa” in the background…


Just an ordinary day indeed..

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