Dazzling Andean colours


1 andes DSCN1609

The colours of the Andes in North West Argentina deserve their own post. It is like somebody has dropped pots of paint on the rocks and then brushed over them to maybe try and mix them so nobody would notice. Luckily it didn’t quite work, and you get treated to natural art wherever you go. The real reason for the incredible palette, are different levels of oxidation of the iron that is so prominently part of the mountain make-up here. It results in deep greens and purples, bright and dark reds, yellows, browns, whites and almost blue. Sometimes its just one part in the middle of a large mountain range,

and sometimes its a whole stretch like in the UNESCO World Heritage site of the Humahuaca Gorge.

1 andes DSCN18611 andes DSCN2002

Totally bedazzling!

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