Can Brazil beat Argentina? Iguazu falls (2)

1 puerto brazilDSCN1463

Firstly, amazing to cross the border into another dream country, Brazil. Even if it is just for 1 day. For now.

The Brazilian side of the falls has been organised for public viewing a lot longer then the Argentinian side and is more structured. Less walking on tracks, more on well organised paths and you have to take a bus between entrance points. It is higher up and a bit further away. And that makes the view utterly amazing. You can almost see the whole stretch of the 2700 meters of falls in one go from there. You cannot get enough from it. The waterflow today is going at 3,000 m³/s, still double its normal rate. And it’s so easy to see from here that this is such an important ecosystem, all that water that gets moved. Constantly.

There are still opportunities to get close too. And wet. If you want.

Does Brazil win? I can’t decide!

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