On the truck to a jungle eco adventure


Our first leg from Buenos Aires is to Puerto Iguacu and first deep into the Iguacu Rainforest in the Misiones Region. A chance to stay in the remnants of what once was the gigantic Interior Atlantic Rainforest stretching across Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina. It is believed only about 10% of this old rainforest is now left  and Yacutinga lodge is determined to at least preserve their part of 1400 acres and restore as much as possible of what has been lost.

It is the rainy season, so we’re loaded on an old 4WD army truck for the last 16k of the trip to navigate the muddy roads with reasonable ease. A choir of different noises welcomes us (different types of cicadas we learn later) and we spot our first hummingbird very soon. The next 2 days are spent walking and trying to spot the different humming and other birds, butterflies, armadillo’s and lizards.  And yes there are bugs too, but the mosquito’s weren’t nearly as bad as we expected when we were told on the truck about the mosquito invasion!



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