Cobrar Vida en La Republica de la Boca!

1 Buenos Aires laboca 148

If you’re looking for life in Buenos Aires, follow the yellow and blue of Boca Juniors and you’ll end up in La Boca. The area that according to our guide is most representative of the real Buenos Aires. The area where the first immigrants lived, as it is near the port they landed and could work.

The area we now adore because of the colourful houses. The houses they build and painted with whatever they could find, hence the different colours. They clearly live for futbol, love to tango and have found tourism as a way to get a good income. Despite the touristy feel, it is still a fun place to come and enjoy the atmosphere. You could be promenading in a small village on the Amalfi Coast or Costa Blanca. All the tables are outside. Little shops are everywhere, and open air artists try to make you stop, like tango dancers, or the Maradonna lookalike complete with glass of beer in hand. Wonderful looking menu’s scream for you to have a taste and of course the Boca Junior flags fly proudly from most houses.

Oh yes, this is a living Buenos Aires for sure!

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