Buenos Aires, mucho gusto!


Ah Buenos Aires, much gusto, so happy to meet you! I can’t believe I haven’t heard more about you! After only 2 days, you have climbed the ranks to the top of the cities I could definitely live in. What a spectacular place.

You remind me of Paris, Italian seaside towns, Melbourne, and of Barcelona. Grande, but still relaxed, classy but still casual.

As it is Christmas today, people are enjoying a day outside with the family. They drive their cars on to a patch of grass and have a grill with Chorizo and chimichurri. They play football or rugby, and just sit around enjoying the nice weather. The temperature is great. The streets are colourful, quiet and clean. Some of the cafes and restaurants are tentatively opening their doors again after 8PM. Dinner time isn’t really until 10 or so on most nights, real Spanish, and something for us to get used to! The food, and the wine a mixture of Mediterranean and South American and in itself worth the visit!

The hotel we’re staying at, Hotel Palo Santo, is the very first official green building in Argentina, one of the reasons I wanted to stay. Beautifully designed, and all well thought through from vertical gardens, to patio, water preservation and insulation. And French inspired breakfast. Heaven – and only 12 hours from NZ!

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