Xylitol is good for you… yeah right


Xylitol is promoted as the saviour for all sweet tooths. The alternative to processed sugars as we’ve declared war on those. You don’t have to stop eating less sweet, just replace it all by xylitol. Its all plant based so can’t be bad. Right?

I’m pretty certain that eating raspberries which contain xylitol is indeed quite ok. Mass produced xylitol however, which is likely what you generally buy and what’s in the products that are sweet but ‘sugarfree’ probably hasn’t got the same health benefits. Having a bad habit, and just replacing it with an alternative without having to address it, fall under the ‘yeah right’ category.

Cooking fresh dishes most days, I hardly use any sugar, or salt for that matter. Not because I think sugar is evil nor because I am on a no sugar diet. It is just because it is not needed and actually destroys the other flavours. There are so many different tasting spices, veggies, fruits, herbs, why not give that a go? I am lucky I don’t have to avoid sugar, and can use it if I really want to. But I rather tempt my tastebuds into different adventures. Do you use xylitol?

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