Tempting trio’s


Trio’s or presenting things in threes always seem to look better. I read somewhere once it’s because 3 is really the first number where things are sort of being seen in a pattern, a plan. 1 is nothing, 2 is coincidence, and yes 3, well 3 is just perfect.

I often use threes. Three different toppings for my baked potatoes, three fresh figs with blue cheese as an entrée, three salads as part of a BBQ meal.

And today I made a trio pizza. Three different pizza toppings. The first one had roasted capsicum sauce, pieces of roasted capsicum, broccoli, fresh onion and cheddar. The second roasted garlic sauce, roasted pumpkin, mint, basil and boccocini. The third one to top it off had pesto sauce, roasted potato, leek and feta.

It was hard to say which one was the best. All three were equally tempting. Do you present things in threes?


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