Red Rice, Wild rice, Brown Rice, White Rice


Rice is a staple I have always used. In the Netherlands rice is as common as potatoes, due to the many great influences of good and fairly bad historical ties that Holland used to be involved in. Indonesia, Surinam, the Antilles, and later through more noble influences like the intake of refugees from places like Ethiopia, Turkey and Morocco.So I grew up enjoying and learning to make dishes like nasi goreng (indonesian fried rice) and nasi trafasi ( the surinam version with prawn paste and tamarind)

In New Zealand lucky for me, due to the large Asian and Pacific influence, rice is also a very well integrated staple. Here I discover new varieties, like Red Cargo Rice, black rice and white glutinous rice. It’s great to try and find the best recipe for the different types. Apparently there are 40,000 rice varieties!

I had a mixture of jasmine, red and black rice with freshly grilled salmon, spinach, cucumber and a light yogurt lemon vinaigrette the other day. It looked cool, and tasted even better. What’s your favourite rice variety?


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