New Zealand food paradise


New Zealand really is a food lovers paradise. It’s not that well known as a foodie destination, but that is only a matter of time. There is so much good to choose from. Different regions have their own specialties, as climate and soil changes quite a bit across the country.

Nz dairy is well known in the world and the largest % comes from the central north island. If you can get your hands on some raw milk, you have to try it, it tastes like heaven.

Venison, which is what the prized NZ deer meat is called, mainly comes from Canterbury on the South Island, whilst Kiwifruit is mostly grown in Hawkes Bay. And don’t forget the seafood. Lobster and whitebait from the south island, snapper and kingfish from the north.

And lucky for everybody living or visiting NZ there are many world-class restaurants using this local produce where you can taste it in the best way possible. The french cafe for example ( in Auckland, was voted as one of world’s top restaurants behind one in Spain, UK and France. Wellington has more cafes and restaurants per Square meter then New York and there are many celebrity chefs that have restaurants here in nz that are still very accessible, like Al Brown and Peter Gordon.

New Zealand really is an undiscovered foodie paradise!


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