Drop delicious!

lovely salty Boerderij or farmers drop

lovely salty Boerderij or farmers drop

Drop, or liquorice as it’s called here, has one of those really polarising tastes. You like it or you don’t. And when you like it, really like it, most probable this has something to do with the Dutch. You may have grown up in the Netherlands, have some Dutch heritage or had a Dutchie introduce you to it at some point in your life.

As I grew up in the Netherlands, Drop, especially the extra salty one, is really one of my favourite treats. Lucky for me , you can buy it here in New Zealand, but it’s extortionately expensive. At least compared to what I would pay for it in the  Netherlands! So I don’t have that too often.

ButI found enough alternatives:

What has started to become fairly popular is liquorice tea, which unlike the sweets, is actually supposed to be healthy for you. Of course it’s not the same, but when I smell that lovely aniseedy smell of the teabag, I am in happy dropland !

And more chefs are using it as a marinade too, which is great! The other day I had some liquorice rubbed chicken drumsticks.  They added some other things to it as well, like ginger and sesame oil. I could really taste the lovely aniseedy taste though, just drop delicious!

What do you think of Drop and the aniseedy taste ?


2 thoughts on “Drop delicious!

  1. It sounds like you had a nice Easter. I do like licorice, but the real and good stuff over the pretend red kind they try to pawn off as licorice to the more picky people.

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