Bucketfuls of Basil

thai and sweet basil

thai and sweet basil

Basil plants unfortunately do not survive the winters here, no matter how mild our Auckland and even Northland winters really are. Such a shame as the plants grow so well from spring to autumn, and using dried basil in winter is just not the same.

But as long as it lasts, I add bucketfuls of basil to salads, sauces, cheeses, pastas, pesto’s, fish and meats. Sometimes I just pick a leaf and rub it between my fingers to get the house smell lovely. I know not everybody is into it, but for me it almost the same effect as freshly baked bread. Happy, homely, fresh local food feelings !

Today I use it to add to the beautiful pears my friend gave me from their garden in Mangawhai, some locally made blue brie, a dressing of olive oil, a little balsamic, and some ground pepper. To top it off I’ve added some freshly roasted local chestnuts cut in small pieces sprinkled over the top. I don’t have any rocket available at the moment , otherwise I would have added that too!

Bon appetite!

5 thoughts on “Bucketfuls of Basil

  1. Hello. This blog makes me hungry! I’m looking forward to day 3.

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  2. Love your “B” Day!! I also cannot wait for more . . . Cheers, Denise


  3. I love basil! It’s my favorite herb.


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