Upside down or downside up

As a child, when I was digging tunnels in the sand of the North Sea beaches, I always believed if I’d dig deep enough, I would go through the middle of the earth and come out in New Zealand. I’d seen the plastic globe with the little light inside and wondered how my Auntie who had moved there in the 50’s managed to stay upright in this upside down world. I quite liked the idea of going there, so I would dig and dig.  I could ‘feel’ the sand getting warmer which must mean I got closer to the middle. Then normally I’d have to give up as water would start to flow in destroying what I had just been digging.

In geography I got the answers: magnetic fields, north and south pole, water turning the other way, but nobody walking upside down. How disappointing!

NZ and Australia are still often seen as the ‘opposite side of the world’. As if the happening part of the world is not here but in the Northern Hemisphere, in Europe and the US. All accepted maps show the South Pacific countries at the bottom end.

At this side of the Earth we know better though. Every day the sun rises here first.  NZ women were the first in the world to have the vote and Sir Edmund Hilary the first to reach the Summit of Mt Everest.

Recently the Sun flipped upside down too ( with North and South Pole switching, so maybe the world has accepted that it should be downside up! Do you agree?


Digging to the other side of the world

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