the only sound is quiet

Access to space is a luxury that is not appreciated by many in NZ that have never lived in a crowded country liked the Netherlands. Space is not scarce here, and if you are willing to be a bit away from the main cities, it is very affordable to own a good amount yourself.
Having grown up in a house that had shared walls with the neighbours (“twee-onder-een-kap”), where we were told not to climb the stairs when they had an open home, it is a dream to own an acre, let alone the 10 we bought a few years back. Its a piece of heaven with lots of native trees and birdlife. We can do with this land what and when we like it. Nobody in our view, just our own trees, stream and some old paddocks. The best thing is the noise… there is none! The quietness here is as good for distressing after a hard working week as a massage or a sauna. It calms you right down. Back in the Netherlands with 17 million people on only roughly 41000 sq km, open space is hard to find and only available to a few. My parents really believe I must have hit the jackpot here in NZ. Well I certainly have by being able to live here!
paparoa morning

One thought on “the only sound is quiet

  1. I haven’t lived in a place as densely packed at the Netherlands, but I did live in a flat in the city for a while and I couldn’t handle it at all. The day I moved into my own home (yard was 1000 square metres) was a wonderful day. I still had neighbours, but at least I no longer overheard my neighbour brush his teeth and gargle in the morning. Now I live in the village of my birth and the space is not huge, but it’s much bigger than my city plot. Yaaay!


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